The ultimate benefit for a new world of remote work

Our unique employee reward & mobility solution improves hiring and retention, enhances employee wellbeing and reduces compliance risks

An exclusive members club for top talent

An exciting new benefit that enables selected employees to live and work in incredible destinations and properties all around the world. We provide 3 different tiers which you can subsidize, flexible stays (3-12 month passes) and curated experiences.

Top employees join the JIA members club to work remotely with the JIA work from anywhere programTop employees join the JIA members club to work remotely with the JIA work from anywhere program
HR risk management and compliance tools designed for remote workHR risk management and compliance tools designed for remote work

Innovative tools to manage risk

Our global mobility tools are powered by Big 4 data and logic to ensure that your team is in compliance with local tax and immigration rules. JIA does all the legwork to make sure your team can work from anywhere with confidence.

Productivity and well-being support

The JIA Standard means no more bad surprises. Set your team up to win with remote ready homes and work stations. Plus we offer white glove service and on-the-ground/round-the-clock support so that your people can focus on what matters most.

JIA standard ensures employee's productivity and well-being

How it works

Sign up to the JIA work from anywhere benefit program

Sign up as a JIA partner

With zero cost and no long term commitment. Offer JIA to your Employees and see an immediate improvement in hiring and retention.

Design the HR benefit program by creating custom work from anywhere policies

Design your program

We help you design a work-from-anywhere benefits program which meets your needs. You decide who you will offer JIA to, how much you will subsidize, and establish rules and controls.

Deploy your employees in the work from anywhere remote benefit program

Deploy your talent

We provide the perfect smart home that fits your employee's remote work requirements. Once settled, the JIA Platform helps you manage your employees remotely and actively monitor and manage risks in each location.


Why join JIA?

Hire and retain top talent by offering work from anywhere

Hire exceptional talent

JIA is a unique and premium work benefit. Offer JIA today and get a head start in the race for talent in the WFA world.

Increase employee productivity in a remote work context

Enhanced Productivity

We secure living spaces that are designed for remote work. We remove the friction, so that you can save time and money.

Manage remote work risks and be HR compliant

Manage risks

Working from anywhere can create tax and immigration related risks. Our mobility tools help you monitor and avoid these risks.

Care for your employees and offer a work from anywhere lifestyle

Create leaders

Invest in people to increase the return from your teams. Cultivate through the experiential nature of JIA which provides the opportunity to continuously grow, learn and adapt.

Foster creativity and cultural awareness

Inspire creativity

New people, new places; new ideas, new motivations. Increase the connections your employees can draw ideas from and watch their creativity flourish.

Free way to look good with JIA's work from anywhere benefit

Zero upfront costs

Enjoy a free consultation to find out more. Even after you've signed up, there's nothing to pay until your employees are ready to pack their bags.

Give your benefit program a boost

Top talent expects work to be flexible and their Employers to support and subsidize remote work. Be one of the first to get JIA's Benefit Platform and get a headstart in today's remote world.