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A tailored program that fits all sizes!

Work from anywhere benefit that can be tailored for all team sizes

No matter what the size of your team is, JIA can assist you with your Work-from-Anywhere policy and Benefits program

Distributed work is here to stay and Work from Anywhere (WFA) is the #1 most wanted benefit

Distributed work is here to stay and WFA will become an important employee benefit

Companies who are FIRST MOVERS and offer compelling WFA benefits will attract and retain the best talent. Companies who do not will lose talent to Competitors who offer WFA benefits and subsidies.

Attract. Engage. Inspire. Retain.

The biggest HR challenges are attracting and retaining talent

Attract and retain the best talent possible via our unique and the world’s first Promad Membership Program. Enable and empower your Employees to live, work and play globally while staying connected and productive.

Evolution of HR

The future of HR will be subsidized work from anywhere

Today, subsidies for Remote Work are becoming popular. Tomorrow, the same will apply to subsidies for WFA. Get ahead of the curve.

Happy Workersare 13% more productive!

Happy and motivated employees are more productive

WFA has real benefits. It has been tested and proven during the pandemic and is a natural extension of “WFH”.

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

The hero’s journey

T.S. Eliot